From Ipoh White Coffee to Modern Cafes

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Originally posted: 9 March 2016

Original content on this blog begins: 2 October 2016

The Heartlander Tourist

Ipoh White Coffee, easily one of the best coffee’s in the world.

I’m being biased.

White coffee is a type of coffee that originated in Ipoh. Traditional black coffee (Kopi O) is roasted with sugar, margarine and wheat, white coffee on the other hand is roasted with simply palm oil margarine, giving the coffee a lighter hue that it’s black coffee cousin. Coffee beans are roasted with palm oil margarine and served with condensed milk giving the coffee a rich, thick flavor. Contrary to popular belief, the white in white coffee does not refer to the end product (with milk), but the way in which the coffee beans are roasted.

Go anywhere in Ipoh and you are going to come across Ipoh white coffee. The most popular to be had are at Jalan Bandar Timah in the old town of Ipoh where the “original” “creators” of white coffee can be…

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