Ipoh’s Kek Lok Tong, the temple in the cave

Reblogged from my other blog The Heartlander Tourist.
Originally posted: 13 March 2016

Original content on this blog begins: 2 October 2016

The Heartlander Tourist

The taxi driver was insistent that we visit Kek Lok Tong instead of the nearby Sam Po Tong, he told us that it was more impressive and natural than Sam Po Tong. He was the expert, we were the tourist.

A short 10 minute drive away from Ipoh city, in the southeast direction, are the limestone temple-caves. There are at least 4 temple caves, Sam Po Tong (Three Treasures Cave), Kuan Yin Cave, Ling Sen Tong and Kek Lok Tong.

Out near the northwest of the city is another beautiful sight, the Gunung Lang Nature Park. But we had to pay for that, so we took the more economical option.

Kek Long Tong 1Kek Long Tong translates into English as Eternal Happiness Cave. Eternal bliss in Chinese folklore tends to refer to the afterlife/heaven, so I reckon this cave is supposed to be like a heaven on earth. The limestone cave has been…

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