Murals in Ipoh

Reblogged from my other blog The Heartlander Tourist.
Originally posted: 17 March 2016

Original content on this blog begins: 2 October 2016

The Heartlander Tourist

Three posts (here, here and here) on eating in Ipoh might give you the impression that Ipoh is all about food or coffee. That could not be further from the truth. You can visit Ipoh just for food, or to explore the emerging cafe scene, but there is more to Ipoh then that. For one, there are many murals around Ipoh city that make city living that little bit more colourful.

The Penang state government invited him to paint murals around Georgetown. It became famous world wide. Inspired, the Ipoh-based chain Old Town White Coffee, collaborated with Penang-based Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic on “The Art of Old Town” project. Zacharevic spent a month painting 7 murals throughout the old town.

Quite a few of these murals have a coffee theme (it was a collaboration between the artist and a coffee company)

Ipoh Mural 1Some were more…

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