Hamad International Airport, an emblem of Qatar’s ambition

It’s opening was delayed for 5 years, but the wait was well worth it.

Certainly worthwhile enough for the young boys to whip out their smart phones and snap shots.

Hamad International Airport is Qatar’s futuristic flamboyant aviation hub, Qatar’s face to the world.

Planning began in 2003 and was scheduled to open in 2009, however a series of delays led the airports opening to be delayed until 2014. But even then its still the most glitzy and luxurious airport in the world.

This is the hub airport of Qatar Airways and like most hubs, the majority of flights arriving and departing are by Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways is a top airline and is run by a strong leader, Akbar Al-Baker

The exacting standards of top management have made Qatar Airways one of the best airlines in the world.

But back to the airport itself.

Once you pass immigration, you are greeted by the Lamp Bear designed by Swiss artist Urs Fischer.

It’s kind of… hmm… adorably weird and cute at the same time. But the bear is just the start.

Past this larger teddy bear is a extravagant shopping mall.

And temptation begins to scream in your head everywhere you look.

Godiva chocolates?

Or how about coffee from a cafe with a gold plated counter?

Or maybe games at a huge steel playground?

This airport was purpose built to cater for larger passenger loads and to enhance Qatar’s regional challenge. Qatar is ambitious, it is competing against a much larger competitor in Dubai, which served some 78.5 million passengers in 2015.

The current facilities 30 million passenger capacity was breached in 2015 with some 32 million passengers passing through. A third phase of development will see capacity increased to 50 million.

This is emblematic of Qatar – ambitious, extravagant and unashamed of being fantastic.



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