Holy Scots! Did the Swedes create golf?

The Scots created golf in the 15th century, that is one of the undisputed facts of sporting history.

Or did they?

Golf is a club and ball sport. The aim of the game is to get the ball into a hole using a club, with the least number of hits needed the better. A typical game is 18 holes. There are two ways to play the game, stroke play which is won based on the lowest number of strokes by an individual or match play which compares the score on the most individual holes in a complete round by an individual or team (with the lowest score winning).

The sport has since grown from a small, sport in the northern tip of Scotland to one that is adorned with global stars (known even by non-golfing enthusiasts) such a Tiger Woods,

Michelle Wie

and Rory McIlory.

Facing the stunning Lake Malaren along the city of Sigtuna are miniature golf holes. And why not have a game at a really beautiful place?

The modern sport is thought to trace its roots to 15th century Scotland and is considered one of Scotland’s great assets and gifts to the world and game is governed worldwide by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. The Old Course at St Andrews is perhaps the most famous golf site in the world to aficionados.

St. Andrews Swilcan Bridge Old CourseOld Course at St Andrews (source)

But if the swedes have their way, this could change, because recent finds seem to suggest that the modern game of golf might be able to find its roots in Sigtuna.

Archaeologist found the remnants of what looked to be golf clubs and flat fields with a single hole (not something that’ll be expected naturally). While seemingly ordinary, what made the finding special was the dating of these items before the 15th century, before the Scots were recorded as playing the game.

Apart from being the cradle of modern Sweden, Sigtuna is today home to many beautiful golf courses.

Sweden Sigtuna Golf 2Sigtuna Golf Course (Wikipedia)

With the surroundings as beautiful as they are, I would create a game just to walk around and enjoy the view too.

Now this is not the first time that golf has been claimed to be founded by other countries. An apocryphal game that seemed like golf was recorded as being played in 1261 in the Flemish region. More ancient games in Rome (Paganica) and China (Chuiwan) have also been claimed to be the founding inspiration of golf. Few claimants have argued that they were the home to modern golf.

Could Sigtuna really be the home of Golf?


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