Stockholm Östermalms Saluhall gourmet food since 1888

Food halls are defined as large sections of a department store or mall where food is sold. They are also called food courts in North America. But then there are food halls that are a level above the typical, these are the gourmet food halls and the Östermalms Saluhall is one of the best in the world.

Built in 1888, the building houses a mere 17 family run stalls that have been around for generations. The raw products are of really high quality and delicious on the eyes even before trying them. The hall itself is worth taking a look at because of it elegant Victorian architecture.

The main building is currently being renovated to maintain it for the next century and so the hall has moved to a temporary hall opposite it.

Outside the food hall are vegetable stalls selling some really fresh locally picked vegetables, berries and mushrooms. Wild grown chanterelles can be picked legally in this country. Any local product can actually be picked if it is growing in the wild.

Inside the makeshift hall are really fresh meats (something you cannot get at the typical supermarket).

A queue formed in front of me made up of  The hall was packed with eager tourist like me, who queued up for reindeer heart and moose salami. And they had free beer too!

Yea, cheapskate I know 😉 Then again, the queue was so inviting even if the price wasn’t… The prices were out of my budget, by my eyes and noses were the recipients of a great sensory experience. The reindeer heart tasted just like any fillet of salted meats and the moose salami was a slightly gamier salami.

It wasn’t just raw meats that were sold but also gourmet desserts.

These weren’t commonplace chocolates like that ones found in around the city, these were a lot more exquisite. I was happy to admire how beautiful they were (if you get what I mean).

But a food hall would not be a food hall if they didn’t serve cooked food and gourmet versions of food were served around the city.

Have I added how odourless the food hall was? There wasn’t a pungent smell that would come from seafood or meat, nor was the smell of food overpowering. Coming from a land of wet markets, the fact that the food hall isn’t dirty and smelly is a huge plus.

Time to save up and splurge for the festive season, because the food (especially the fish and meat) looked so good!



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