Life in the 1800s, Torekällberget Södertälje

Södertälje is commonly thought to be Little Baghdad today, but what was Södertälje like before the 1960s when progressive migration began?

To find out, I made a short trip to the Torekällberget, an open air museum located on a hill overlooking the present-day city.

To be honest though, I didn’t have a plan. This was just the attraction that was free and it was the summer (I’m not going in doors during the summer!)

But by sheer dumb luck I stumbled on a gem of a museum. Built in the town plan of the original Södertälje, and the staff wear dress that was worn in the 1800s.

Also in Torekällberget is a traditional bakery that sells Swedish bagel.

Perhaps the only place where people still live like this is Pennsylvania with the Amish.

Life in the 1800s is basically life as it is today without the technology and skyscrappers.

Animals were and still are a big part of life in Sweden. And in the Torekällberget, local swedish animals are kept in open enclosures (some allowed to roam free) for visitors to enjoy.

Its a great history class.



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