Sweden, Dog Paradise

Everywhere I went I saw dogs, happy obedient ones their tails wagging as they explored the beautiful and clean city around them.

I saw them on the train and had to restrain myself from petting them.

On the Tunnelbana

I saw them on the streets and had to grab a shot. They were just so cute and happy.

Almost all were guiding their owners 😉

Pug guiding their owner at Gamla Stan Excited dog guiding her owner at Karlaplan

It’s not just the owners who genuinely love their animals, the general animal friendly environment (dogs are allowed on trains) and the law is serious about dog rights.

There is a Swedish dog registry with marking and numbering tagged to an owner, this was put in place to make sure that every dog, especially the aggressive and ill ones could be traced to an owner (i.e. the owner is expected to be responsible). All in there are almost 190,000 dogs in Sweden. Also, as a guide, dogs are not allowed to be left untended for more than 6 hours at a time.

Dogs are man’s best friend and its nice to see a place that treats animals properly*.

Singapore has a district that is doggie downtown, the whole of Stockholm is doggie heaven.

I’ll leave you to gush at the pictures 😉

*Animals are not equal and the judgement we place on animals is cultural. It’s culturally fine for many of us to eat animals, but the value we place on pets like dogs and cats is higher than that. In places like India, cows are holy while in places like US and Japan cows make great steak. Dogs to many of us are best friends, while in parts of China, dogs are food.

Yet in other parts of China, the same country, dogs are seen as treasure.


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