Johor Bahru, Malaysia – the Southern Pride of Malaysia, An Introduction

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Originally posted: 16 August 2016
Original content on this blog returns: 11 December 2016

The Heartlander Tourist

Ask a Singaporean to travel to Jurong (in the West of Singapore) and they will complain that it is too far. Ask the same Singaporean to travel to Johor Bahru (the southern most city in Peninsular Malaysia) and they will complain that it is too near.

Unless you stay in the north in which case a trip to JB is perhaps more convenient than the arduous track to Orchard Road 😉

What separates us is a small strait and a causeway, but cross the Straits of Johor and you enter a different world. Life here seems to slow down, the people here seem more relaxed, the currency is different, as are the street signs.

Johor Bahru facing SingaporeJohor Bahru facing Singapore (source)

More commonly known as the city immediately north of Singapore, Johor Bahru is usually seen as the bridesmaid to the bride.

 Johor Bahru from SingaporeJohor Bahru from Singapore (source)


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