Little Singapore in Johor Bahru

Reblogged from my other blog The Heartlander Tourist.
Originally posted: 20 August 2016
Original content on this blog returns: 11 December 2016

The Heartlander Tourist

I’ve written about Little Manila, Little Thailand, Little Burma, Little India, Little Vietnam, Little China scattered throughout Singapore. Let’s flip things around and write about Little Singapore instead.

There are individual days in some major global cities when the Overseas Singaporean Unit brings the Singapore Day to town and Singaporeans from all over (sometimes a whole country/continent) congregate. But those are temporary events slated for a single day.

So what makes a Little Singapore? Like all Little (something) places, it’s an extension of the society from which these people have come from, where many people from that country are found.  Perhaps one of the few Little Singapores is found around JB. Specifically City Square Mall in JB.

JB City Square Mall 1Even then, this Little Singapore is one because of proximity. I don’t think many Singaporeans go to JB to meet other Singaporeans, there’s 2.5 million Singaporeans a 5…

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