Food, It’s bigger in the US

America is a land of plenty. Popular television programmes like Man vs Food,

Best Food Ever,

and United States of Food make that abundantly clear.

What is also abundantly clear is the size of food in the US. There is a reason the word American-sized is used the world over as slang for “big” and its because things are always bigger in the US. Especially the food.

Dining in San Diego was an experience. The food was sinful, tasty, rich, cheesy, fatty and large. The portions were so large that I left with a doggy bag most of the time. My waistline grew thicker while my wallet grew a little thinner. Here’s just how rich the food was.

Breakfast at Brian’s 24 Diner was enough to last me through lunch and dinner.

Waffles Cristo

Thin-sliced ham and cheddar jack cheese between two halves of homemade bacon waffle, topped with powdered sugar and served with french fries

Gaslamp Power Breakfast

Three eggs any style, 3 strips of bacon, a sausage patty, an 8 oz ham steak, home fries and 2 biscuits with country gravy

Brunch at Hodad’s on a separate day was as big as my face. I need to say, it was the first time I came across a restaurant that served a whole basket of wedges underneath a burger the size of my face. Where I come from, plating is a lot more deceptive.

  Blue Jay Burger
Bacon Cheeseburger served with blue cheese and grilled onions

Most of the large food portions were of Anglo-American food, but being so close to the Mexican border, San Diego is also home to some amazing Mexican food, including tacos such as those from the Lolita. The portions of Mexican food were however a lot more handle-able.

Fish and Carne Asada tacos

The food was good, but my waist felt thicker after barely a week.

Food portions matter. The more food on your plate, the larger your plate, the more you eat. Because it is human to look at portion sizes subjectively (not objectively) and compare it to the size of our serving dish. There are obvious downsides to eating too much. Obesity is a huge problem in the US, around 36. 5 % of adult Americans are obese (not overweight), this has to do with both diet and lifestyle. Unfortunately, not everyone can consume so much food.  A lot of this food is wasted because the portions are too big.

Which is not right on many levels not least because in this land of plenty 1 in 6 Americans go hungry (food-insecure).

Knowing about the portions of food was one thing, actually experiencing the portions was illuminating in a totally different way. This Christmas, spread a bit of love. Give a beggar some change, give the hungry some food and make that practice a habit.

ON THE MAP (Brian’s 24)

ON THE MAP (Hodad’s Burgers)

ON THE MAP (Lolita by the Park)


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