Max more popular than Macs

“You’ve got to try Macs” a Swedish friend told me.

“Yea, we have Macs in Singapore… why what about it.”

“Oh its great! It’s better than MacDonalds…”

“Wait… isn’t Macs, MacDonalds? What are you talking about?”

They were speaking of Max Hamburgare, a local Swedish fastfood brand more popular with locals than MacDonalds. So popular that, in the north where it is open, Max Hamburger stores out-competed with their competition and drove MacDonalds to close.

A northern Swedish brand first opened in 1968, Max’s selling point is that it serves food that reflects Sweden’s heritage and uses meat from local suppliers. It uses this to compete with the bigger MacDonalds and Burger King. It apparently also has the highest customer satisfaction of the fast food brands.

Heck, even the stores look a lot more elegant.

 One of the big pluses according to those who rave about Max is that all food is made to order, prepared only when you order it.

Which means that you wait a little longer for your food but your food is fresher.

It doesn’t look spectacular, but I can see why people like it. I personally really like it, the meat feels better than the frozen prepacked sort from MacDonalds. The fish burger (the first burger on this page) is really nice. The fish is flaky and juicy and doesn’t feel processed.

Oh and the fries. Those were some really nice and crispy fries.

Apart from traditional hamburgers, Max is also known to offer significantly fresher vegetarian options.

Max is currently based mostly out of Sweden with a few stores in Norway and Denmark as well as a presence in the UAE. It’s still far off as a international competitor to MacDonalds and Burger King but it sure is a strong regional competitor.


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