Måltid i Stockholm – Nystekt Strömming

Coming from Singapore where food that is cheap and good is easily available, moving to Stockholm was a bit of a culture shock, because its hard to get a great, cheap and filling meal for the same price. But that doesn’t mean that good and affordable food isn’t available, and I’m on a mission to find it. And so begins this ongoing segment – Måltid i Stockholm (Meals in Stockholm).

Today, Strömming Burger.

It started with a video by food vlogger, Mark Weins.

I had seen thing stall all the time while walking to and from Slussen, but was always in a rush to somewhere else. I had made a mental note but needed the time.

Then it came.

On a trip to Gamla Stan to check out the Living History Forum, I dropped off a stop before and walked.

Strömming is the Swedish term for herring. Herring is a forage fish (fish that are preyed upon by other fish, also called bait fish or prey fish) found in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Baltic Sea. This is Swedish food at its most native and authentic.

Herring is considered an oily fish, rich in Vitamin D, which is especially important in winter because of the lack of sunlight in the temperate north.

Herring can be salted, smoked and pickled.

Swedish Herring pickled in many different ways

Random fact about Herring, according to a Scottish scientist, Herring’s talk to each other by farting.

It was cold that day, and I didn’t want to sit around, so I got myself a simple herring burger.

Deep fried herring, with sour cream, onions and some greens lying on a base of lettuce and covered with a bun. This Strömmingbugare set me back 55 SEK, which is considered relatively cheap in these parts. Herring, being a saltwater fish, has a stronger slightly more fishy smell than fresh water fish like pangasius/cat fish. The fish oils was cut by the onions and sourness of the cream.

Herring is really an acquired taste I must say. This is the same fish that has been used to make the stinkiest dish in the world sturströmming.

It’s a good thing I enjoy fish, so it wasn’t hard to enjoy strömming.

Was it worth it? In my view, definitely worth a try.



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