Beyond the Beaches, Inland Attractions in Tioman

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Originally posted: 17 July 2015
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The Heartlander Tourist

While Tioman is famous for it’s beaches there are also things to see beyond the beaches.

Paya Beach 5Whereas Mersing and Endau are reminiscent off small towns of the 1960s, 70s,

Sungai Mersingthe villages in Tioman remind us of even smaller villages of the 1940s and 50s.

Kg Paya, Tioman 1The villages are obviously a little more modern looking, but the slow moving vibe is something special.

There are around 500 residents on Tioman, mostly of Malay ancestry with some families of ethnic Chinese descent who moved to run businesses.

Kg Paya, Tioman 2Although Tioman is a mainly resort island, the villages around the resorts also see food and other items, all these are family run stalls.

A family sells a popular Malaysian snack, the Ramly Burger.

Kg Paya, Tioman 3Kg Paya, Tioman 4Another family sell desserts including a really interesting and not-too-sweet, Ais Batu Campur.

Kg Paya, Tioman 5Kg Paya, Tioman 6Then there are the Chinese Tze-Char stalls (which do not sell pork or lard).

Kg Paya, Tioman 7Kg Paya, Tioman 8Kg Paya, Tioman 9Kg Paya, Tioman 10Kg Paya, Tioman 11Be prepared for a more…

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