Money is a god too – the shopping belt in the Holy City

There is a famous line in the holy books saying “one cannot serve both God and Mammon”, the latter being the incarnation of a devil of greed, wealth and money. But money is a fact of life and making money is something that not a few people strive for as the ultimate goal in their lives.

Likewise, just because Jerusalem is one of the holiest cities in the world doesn’t mean that only spiritual things happen near the old town. Like all major cities, Jerusalem also has large shopping districts. In this case, two of them.

The first one, and the more established one, spreading out from Zion Square is a triangular zone with shopping malls around it.

This is known as the downtown triangle and it is the life blood of shopping, entertainment and nightlife in the city.

Looking at the downtown region really gives you this idea of being in a downtown region in a part of western Europe.

Perhaps that is what it is, a downtown region that is fundamentally European (unsurprising because of immigration).

Connected to the downtown triangle but closer to the old city, is the Mamilla Mall and Mamilla Hotel.

This open air pedestrian mall, lines the path to the south-west entrance of the old city and literally opens up to the old city.

You couldn’t have planned the metaphor better 😉

I just found the metaphor amusing.



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