Modern Jerusalem: hipster pubs, art galleries and street art

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised that modern western Jerusalem is a world away from the Holy City and holy sites (Christian, Muslim, Jewish). It is a metropolis like any other, a city with over a million inhabitants in the metropolitan area.

But stereotypes are not easy to correct, not when the news that mentions Jerusalem in the international media tends to be about conflicts or politics and the buildings around Jerusalem are mostly built with Jerusalem stones (the present say incarnation has buildings built with concrete and plastered over with fake Jerusalem stones).

The Jerusalem of bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Jerusalem HaMiffal 1 Jerusalem HaMiffal 2 Jerusalem HaMiffal 3 Jerusalem HaMiffal 4The Factory (HaMiffal)

The Jerusalem of art galleries.

Jerusalem Art Gallery 1 Jerusalem Art Gallery 2 Jerusalem Art Gallery 3 Jerusalem Art Gallery 4 Jerusalem Art Gallery 5 Jerusalem Art Gallery 6 Jerusalem Art Galleries

The Jerusalem of street art.

Jerusalem Street Art 1 Jerusalem Street Art 2 Jerusalem Street Art 3 Jerusalem Street Art 4 Jerusalem Street Art 5 Jerusalem Street Art 6 Jerusalem Street Art 7 Jerusalem Street Art 8 Jerusalem Machene Yehuda Market Street Art 1

The Jerusalem of museums.

Jerusalem Museum 1 Jerusalem Museum 2 Jerusalem Museum 3 Jerusalem Museum 4 Jerusalem Museum 5 Jerusalem Israel Museum 1

This part of western Jerusalem surprised me. Did it surprise you?

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