Måltid i Stockholm – Östermalms Korvspecialist

This is perhaps the closest you will come to street food in Stockholm. A permanent food truck selling relatively fast food. This is Östermalms Korvspecialist and they have been around since the 1992. Located at the rich man’s district of Östermalm, the food stall is just a short walk from the Östermalm Saluhall.

They are considered the masters of hotdogs in Stockholm.

And its not hard to see why.

A vast selection of hotdogs made of different meat types, spice levels, food sizes and price points. And this is not crap meat, the meat is very high quality, large and is grilled till perfection – cooked through, warm and juicy.

Together with sauerkraut grilled baguette (that is still warm) and sauces this is as close to hotdog heaven as you can get. I had the Cabaneos, the most popular hotdog they sell.

There is a drawback to going to hotdog heaven. The hotdog here is not cheap. The average hotdog with baguette will set you back about 70 kroners. But then again the cheapest hotdog in Stockholm is 15 kroners and if I’m going to be unhealthy it better be good.



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