Måltid i Stockholm – Happy Chicken

“Is fried chicken not a thing in Stockholm!” I blurted out, incredulous at how no one seem to be bothered that they were missing out on juicy deep fried chicken.

“No, I don’t think so.” Went my Swedish colleague.

“Is fried chicken a thing in Europe…”

No came to reply from the Polish, Spanish, German and Dutch colleagues.

So out came my phone and my pal – Google. It’d been more than 6 months since I had fried chicken (if you want to see how much I like fried chicken, read this, this and this). Heck, even Kentucky Fried Chicken would do. (I could make it myself, but that’s a lot of oil in deep frying… not smart, especially with all the cleaning up).

There are two KFCs in Sweden, one in the city of Malmo, the other in the city of Gavleborg… nothing in Stockholm.

But there was something called Happy Chicken.

Fried Chicken would make me happy (I am that easy to please… simple pleasures in life huh 😉 ), so of I went to find it.

Located presently in the residential district of Hogdalen, the first stall outside the metrostation Happy Chicken was easy enough to find.

The stall was patronised mostly by non-Swedes (not citizens, but ethnicity), and the music playing inside was Arabic pop.

A chicken meal does not just come with chicken, but a side serving of salad. And I don’t mean thick, creamy fatty coleslaw but a whole selection of salads including preserved green peppers. 

The fried chicken was not a whole piece, like you’d get in a KFC but deep fried chicken breast stripes ad this order too came with a side of potato wedges (really well made, crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside), olives and salad (on top of the salad bar above).

It’s no Jollibee, but I sure was happy. The chicken breasts were deep-fried really well to be crispy on the outside but still juicy and moist on the inside.

This is more comfort food that a must try especially if you are in Stockholm for a short while only. The cheapest meal will cost around 105 SEK, but if you have been here for a while and can’t get fried chicken. Make a trip down.



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