Uppsala town on a Saturday

Uppsala is a university town with almost 30 % of the city made up of students. So you can imagine that the place is interesting and lively on the weekends. What do the people here get up to on a Saturday (nightlife excepted)?

Families and friends congregate near Uppsala Central Train Station and enjoy the sun amidst the cold.

Some go to the shopping district to begin their weekend shopping.

Weekend Shopping

Others sit outside the old city square (Gamla Torget) with the Uppsala Domkyrka in the background.

Uppsala university is divided into nations (an old system that was set up to help then students who arrived from various counties find and meet people from the same place). Each nation has a buffet brunch (breakfast-lunch) on different days, serving good food at cheap prices. Students can basically have good-cheap meals at a different place everyday of the week. This was Smalands Nation.

What would individually cost 70 SEK per cake/sandwich in Stockholm cost around 70 SEK per plate here.

In the afternoon, the Uppsala Cathedral becomes a performance hall for organ recitals.

That day’s organ recital was meant to introduce music and the chorale organ to young children.

Outside of the university nations, social life in Sweden is centred on fika, and one of the most popular places for fika in Sweden in Guntherska Hovkonditori & Schweizeri.

The tables are packed with friends sharing a fika/coffee.

Another city comes alive at night.

The city of the Uppsala Scream, among other more conventional nightlife traditions.



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