Måltid i Stockholm – Meatballs for the People

Ah Swedish Meatballs… Sweden’s most popular export after IKEA and Alicia Vikander.

Alicia Vikander (Source)

Okay, I’ll admit, I needed that opening as an excuse to mention Alicia Vikander (she’s a really charming girl-next-door isn’t she)… and here’s a really fun video of Alicia Vikander and the Swedish number.

But back to the real topic of this post – who doesn’t love good Swedish meatballs?

Alright, some people don’t.

But the guys at Meatballs for the People definitely do.

I first heard of this place after a conversation with a colleague. I had asked a Swedish colleague where to get good meatballs.

“In your kitchen” she replied with a grin on her face.

“;) …well, where do I get the second best meatballs in the city”

“I’ve heard that Meatballs for the People is good.”

Set up as a restaurant, bar and shop all in one, Meatball for the People specialises in meat sourced from throughout Sweden. A group of friends purchased a meat grinder from Italy and had a fruitful hunting season. Then it hit them, why not set up a restaurant/bar/shop selling meatballs of the highest quality.

So came the Meatballs for the People at the Sodermalm district. The location is not always full, because not everyone goes there to eat, many do takeaways.

Having said that, the location is conducive for a meal.

There is a rather well stocked fridge with meatballs for sale.

And a map that shows where different meats come from.

Here’s a map from their website.


 We didn’t order much, except a taster platter of meatballs made from Swedish meats like moose and reindeer.

If you are lazy to make your own meatballs, these are honestly good options.

Update (10 June 2017): I brought another friend to the restaurany and ordered the Meatballs Deluxe, a high class version of the normal meatballs.




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