Måltid i Stockholm – Fuori di Pizza

She’d give me a face when I had inauthentic pizzas.

“No,” she would shake her head, “that is not pizza, that’s not the way it is in Italy.”

So I decided that I’d get her a proper Italian pizza in Sweden. Being in he land of the kebab pizza, that’s a not an easy task.

Kebab Pizza

So I turned to google. Cheap and good, Italian… Cheap and good, Italian…

It took a lot of work, but I found one. The reviews across different sites all seemed really good and it was not inaccessible. This was Fuori di Pizza.

Run by a father and son team from Italy, Fuori di Pizza sells pizza the authentic way – made fresh and oven baked to order.


And frankly the prices of the pizzas are rather good.

The small shopfront it however not conducive to dining in but to take away. We were really hungry so we took a slice of pizza while waiting for our huge order.

It was good, authentic Italian pizza. No pretentiousness, no funky flavours. Just good simple pizza.

More than a pair of eyes eyed out pizza boxes lustily as we made our way back on the metro. Anxious to get her feedback.

“Delizioso!” She said, her face brightening.

If its good pizza for the Italian, its good enough for me 😉



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