The Zaspa Murals of Gdańsk

Apart from being a residential district, and a relic of a socialist era, there was something else about Zaspa that drew me in – the amazing murals on the walls of the buildings. Zaspa was the district where Pope John Paul II gave a stirring speech during his pastoral visit to Poland – a speech that served as moral encouragement to anti-communist factions in Poland.

But Zaspa was just a park, it was just a normal residential area converted from a former airport. What else was there to see?

The murals.

The first 10 murals were painted in Zaspa in 1997 to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the foundation of Gdańsk. It was not just an art project but a way to address the social problems prevalent in Gdańsk. But nothing more came out of it for a full decade, until 2009 when the creative juices again flowed with the beginning of the monument art festival in Zaspa in Gdańsk.

The programme has since became an annual affair with the the Gdańsk School of Mural among other groups that were brought in.

I don’t need to say more except to share pictures.



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