Food and Drink in Gdańsk

Polish cuisine is very eclectic and shares many overlaps with the surrounding Baltic and Slavic countries (Prussian, Czech,Russian, Slovak, and Ukranian, Austrian, German) etc. Like the cuisines of the region, Polish cuisine is rich in meats (such as pork, beef and chicken) and is typically hearty and filling. Here are some interesting tastes from Gdańsk.


Pierogi is a Eastern European style dumpling. Unleavened dough is wrapped with sweet or savoury filling that is either boiled or deep fried. Typical fillings include potatoes, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese and fruits. The most popular style of pierogi in Gdańsk is Pierogi Ruski – Russian style pierogi filled with potatoes and cheese.

Pierogi Ruski from Nova Pierogova Gdańsk


Translated into english as sour rye soup. The soup based is made of sour rye flour and served with pieces of meat, sausages and slices of boiled eggs.

Sour Rye Soup from Nova Pierogova Gdańsk

Polish Orange-infused Duck (Nadziewana Kackza)

A roast duck dish with orange flavour infused into it.

Orange Duck with Beetroot salad mashed potatoes and chicken soup from Kucharia

 Fish Soup (Zupa Rybna)

A fish soup with vegetables.

Zupa Rybna from Brovarnia Gdańsk

Lithuanian Manti

Not exactly polish but also a dumpling of sorts. Instead of a small pierogi, the manti is much larger and filled with meat.

Lithuanian Manti from Bistro Familia


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