Paradiset Nature Reserve in Stockholm

Scandanavians love their nature. It’s not uncommon to see families, friends and couples make trips into the forest for a day for a hike, or a camping trip, or a fishing trip.

Most of the most awesome sights are usually thought to be seen up north. But that doesn’t mean that us urbanites living in the cities don’t also need to enjoy a nature. So off we end for a day trip out, to a nearby nature reserve, to get out of the city and into the country for a bit.

“It’s still foggy, should we go?” She asked.

“Yes, the fog is supposed to lift soon. It should be clear by the time we arrive.”


We were heading south to Paradiset Nature Reserve in the south of Stockholm. Named after a log house called the torpet Paradiset, the nature reserve is basically heaven in the suburbs. It occupies some 750 hectares of land. Not a vast nature reserve by most measures but big enough for a weekend. Getting there took a while, the present day entrance to the nature reserve was what gave the name to the nature reserve. The log cabins used for campers was originally called the torpet Paradiset, or Paradise Cabin.

Being in nature has a certain special effect. It reminds us of a natural world much stronger than human power. A natural world that tolerates us, but can easily consume us if it wants. A natural world that can be humbling in its grandeur and scary in its power. That our manicured gardens and paved paths were but facade of control that can be taken back at any time.

Nature, both things great and small, that day was beautiful.

There was poor connection by way of internet (always a good sign that you are out of nature). Enjoy the rest of this piece of paradise.



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