Helping the Needy, Stockholms Stadsmission

Even a rich country has poor people. Sweden too has the poor and needy, who need more help than the middle class and average person.

A way to help the poor is the provide them with educational and social activities. One of the largest charities in Stockholm is the Stockholm Stadsmission, or Stockholm City Mission.

Developed based on a Christian ethos, Stockholm Stadsmission aims to help the people at the fringes of society – the poor, the marginalised, the homeless, the poor, the sick, the elderly, the weak to give them greater human dignity and support.

The forgotten, hidden from sight.

Set up in 1853 by Lutherans and Baptist to help the needy in the inner city, Stockholms Stadsmission runs so many things to help the needy.

It’s most common manifestation to the average Stockholmer is the second hand stores all around the city. These stalls sell clothes, furniture, textiles… you name it. And the items sold are all of good quality. A store in Gamla Stan also serves freshly baked bread and coffee

The mission does a lot more than sell second hand goods though. It conducts youth clinics, provides clothing and food to the needy, gives jobs to the needy (on a daily wage basis) and also runs educational institutions.

If you are living in Stockholm and think its a good idea, check out their website and see any method of volunteering interests you. At the very least, you could buy stuff from the second hand store. 🙂



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