Angry Birds and Arabian Souk at Komtar JBCC

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Originally posted: 3 March 2017
Original content on this blog returns: 9 May 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

Next to the popular Johor Bahru City Square Mall is the Komtar JBCC a new shopping mall opened in end 2014.

It looks nice and clean. But with malls proliferating throughout Johor Bahru how does one differentiate itself?

Komtar JBCCOver at Komtar JBCC, they have two attractions unique to the region.

Whereas City Square Mall has a bargin deal street called Inner City,

City Square Mall JB 8InnerCity, bargin deal street in City Square Mall

Komtar JBCC has a Arabian dress street called Souk.

Souk Komtar JBCC 1 A souk or souq refers to an Middle Eastern or North African open-air market. It is also known as a bazaar in Persian (Iran). Souks were historically held outside cities where  merchant caravans would display their goods and were not permanent since a souq was created where the caravans stopped for business. Souks also took place during major festivals. Souks only moved into the heart of the city later on, as…

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