Krabi, Thailand – Nature Lover’s Paradise, an Introduction

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Originally posted: 9 March 2017
Original content on this blog returns: 2 June 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

Krabi, Southern Thailand.

The province, town and the nearby beach face the Andaman Sea and is the oldest known continued settlement in the whole of Thailand.

The archaelogical discoveries on Krabi (including stone tools, ancient coloured pictures, beads, pottery, and skeletal remains) suggest that homo sapiens have been in that area since the 25,000 to 35,000 BC. The earliest recorded history of Krabi dates back to 1200 BC, when the place was called Ban Thai Samor, a tribute city to the Kingdom of Ligor (modern day Nakhom Si Thammarat).

The Kingdom of Ligor lasted from the 1st millennium till the 15th century and later became a part of the Ayutthaya Kingdom (Ayutthaya as the capital), Thonburi Kingdom (Bangkok at the capital) and finally to the  Rattanakosin Kingdom (Bangkok as the capital) and then present day Thailand. The Krabi of today got its name from the Rattanakosin era when an…

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