The Resort Town at Ao Nang

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Originally posted: 15 March 2017
Original content on this blog returns: 2 June 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

The largest beach area in Krabi is called Ao Nang. It is the heart of Krabi’s tourism industry. It is a small town. The whole town can be covered within a 20 to 30 minute walk, that’s how small it is.

Ao Nang 1situated by an beautiful beach

Ao Nang 2and shielded by a number of limestone peaks.

Ao Nang 3Forming a U shape, the e central point of the town is the base along the Ao Nang beach with the Big Fish sculpture being the centrepiece.

Ao Nang 4Ao Nang 5The Big Fish is one of the icons of the main town area

Because tourism is the economic driver of Krabi, the town is full of resorts and touristy things. One of the most touristy being McDonalds. We’ll not really, perhaps just that it makes sense to have a MacDonalds where there are people, the locals will go there and the tourist may sometimes want a burger (because the…

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