Måltid i Stockholm – Fang Yuan Shi Wu

“Are you from Hong Kong?”

“Nope Singapore”

“Ah… I see”

The server at the restaurant looked at me, smiled and left. I reckon it must have been my broken mandarin spoken with a rough, inelegant accent.

I was looking up places to have a filling and cheap meal and Fang Yuan Shi Wu came up.

This northern Chinese restaurant in the district of Sodermalm had been rated as the best dumpling restaurant in the city and they charge incredibly good prices – by Stockholm standards (17 dumplings for 75 SEK during lunch).

The shop is so well known that it has its own branding – rare for family run Asian restaurants.

There are 36 different types of Chinese Dumplings (not the fillings, the type of dumplings) from the northern Xiao Long Bao, to southern Siew Mai; from the eastern Guang Tang Bao to the Western Mo Mo. It’s filling comfort food, mostly bite sized and as manageable like an hor’d’oeuvre. Once you sink your teeth in, you are rewarded with a burst of flavour from the meats or vegetables. Some like Xiao Long Bao have with them a flavourful broth in the dumpling.

While waiting for the dish I took a large bowl of peanuts doused in chili oil, very northern Chinese.

The dumplings here did not have soup in them, I ordered them served in a soup. The flour based skin was wrapped around a mix of fillings (7 types of fillings) and boiled in a broth made of salted vegetables (northern Chinese style).

Was it good? Yea it was okay but not a standout in Asia.

Was it the best in Stockholm, the best that I know of. A great place if you are craving dumplings in this city.



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