Fluffy at the Ericsson Globe

“Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy…” the crowd chanted. The hype-men had got the audience ready and warmed up to laugh, here they were, in the large indoor stadium waiting for the star of the show, the headliner, the (literal and metaphorical) comedic heavy weight – Gabriel Iglesias.

The chanting grew louder and the excitement peaked as Iglesias ran on stage.

“Hello Stockholm!”

The crowd went wild.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel Iglesias is a world famous American stand-up comedian who works clean and tells jokes that are funny.

Unlike many others, he doesn’t rely on toilet/sexual humour (i.e. works clean), politics, or offensive jokes to sell. He is the sort of comedian that everyone can love, because his comedy is relatable.

Iglesias is known for being amazing with his ability to change his voice both human and inanimate. His career grew and grew with performances in movies such as Magic Mike, A Haunted House and Planes following full sold out performances and live tours around the world. His career was helped along by Youtube where his jokes are shared very very widely. The most impressive part, practically none of these jokes are reused in these performances.

He began his comedic career 20 years ago and was in Stockholm for a part of his world tour to celebrate his 20th year as a comedian and as you can see from the pictures, people know and love him.

Iglesias’ performance was held at the Ericsson Globe. The Ericsson Globe is the largest indoor stadium and arena in Stockholm. Shaped the size of a hemisphere, Globen is the largest sphere on earth. Globen represents the sun in what is known as the Sweden Solar System (a collection of buildings across Sweden that form a scale model of the Solar System).

Globen is primarily used for ice hockey, currently the home stadium of Djurgarden ice hockey team and the Swedish national team – the winners of the 2017 World Ice Hockey Championships as well as major concerts in the city, such as the 2016 Eurovision song contest.

“Hahah” Igelsias grinned, “you see this timer, we use it in all the shows nowadays. It’s a timer to let the performer know how much time they have left and to end their performance, this show technically ended 15 minutes ago…”

And the show carried on for another 15 minutes.

“I’ve run out of jokes” he laughed and a lady ran on stage with a plushie of a Volksvagen Beetle a joke he told in the past. He grinned, “you guys, really… it’s like a buffet here, calling out old jokes”.

The crowd went wild, “fluffy, fluffy, fluffy…” They didn’t just stand, they clapped and stamped their feets.

“Here we go… I bought a beetle, not even thinking…”

He got to the punchlines and the crowded chanted back his punchlines to him before he could reply.

A stunned look came over his face, “I’ve never had people remember my jokes, like that. Certainly not a stadium full… this is amazing, I’m not used to it…”

He struggled to finish the joke, touched with what just happened and when he did, all he could say was, “Thank you Stockholm, I’ve heard you… Thank you!”


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