Djurgårdslinjen, the cafe tram

I pointed to the tram and said, “so this is another way to get around town – the tram”.

The tram arrived but the main carriage wouldn’t open. Confused, we walked to the second carriage.

The door opened and a ice cream container greeted us. We were even more confused, but the carriage was so charming…

A waitress greeted us, would you like fika she went. Yes please.

We weren’t the only surprised tourist, the other customers on the tram was also impressed and taking pictures with their smartphones.

Trams began running in Stockholm 1877, pulled by horses and grew to its maximum height in 1946. The next decade saw the tram lines being converted into a mass rapid system under the metro. The remaining lines were subsumed as sub-lines of the metro system. The line along Djurgården was created in 1991 as a heritage line and a new modern tram line was opened in 2000. There are together 5 tram lines in the city, ranging from 2.9km to 18.2 km in total length.

This was the only cafe tram on any line, and we got to ride it through sheer dumb luck.

And for some reason, we only needed to pay for a drink (which was the same price with what you’d get at 7eleven). That’s a price and environment I could get used to.



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