Batam, Indonesia – Indonesia’s Boomtown, an Introduction

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Originally posted: 6 May 2017
Original content on this blog returns: 8 July 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

Batam is one of the boomtowns of Indonesia. A growing city, transport hub and manufacturing centre Batam represents the future of Indonesia’s economy.

The island was first occupied by settlers around 231 AD. It’s proximity to Singapore and Bintan meant that it was usually governed in concert with the two and was one a island under the rule of the sultan of Singapore, control of the island was later handed over to the Melakan sultanate. Leadership of the island was transferred peacefully from one leader to the next, usually as a results of the fall of kingdoms. The island was first transferred from the Kingdom to Temasek (Singapore) to Melaka under Admiral Hang Tuah. It then transfered to Adminal Hang Nadim of Bintan Island after the fall of Melaka. After Hang Nadim’s death, the island was controlled by the Sultan of Johor and was administered as part of the Johor-Riau-Lingga…

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