Nagoya Hill, the Centre of Life in Batam

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Originally posted: 8 May 2017
Original content on this blog returns: 8 July 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

Wait aren’t we going to Indonesia, why is it called Nagoya Hill?

That was the question that consumed me as we took a taxi to Nagoya Hill, the shopping district of Batam. A bit of internet sleuthing later and the answer appeared. The Japanese called this played Nagoya, after taking over the island during World War 2. You can find more details about the Japanese Dutch East Indies Campaign here (and here).

The Japanese stationed a small garrison force in Batam and there were few reports of atrocities in this (then) small town. So it’s no surprise that the name Nagoya stuck.

Known in Malay as Lubuk Baja, Nagoya is the main sector of Batam City.

Batam 3Here is a very interesting video around Nagoya town.

But for most tourist, they will be brought to the biggest shopping mall in Batam, Nagoya Hill Mall. It’s particulary useful for getting some…

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