Seafood in Batam – Fresh, Cheap and Sinful

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Originally posted: 10 May 2017
Original content on this blog returns: 8 July 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

I was in Batam for seafood.

Fresh, cheap and sinful was what I was told to expect. And boy, it didn’t disappoint. It seems like a great idea for an indulgent day of seafood.

The first place we went to was Rezeki Seafood Restaurant in Batu Besar on the eastern tip of the island.

Batu Besar is a little village and you will know once you reach that you are in a small village once you see the entrance gates saying KampungTua Batu Besar. Villages used to be very clearly separated in the past but as Batam transfroms into an urban sprawl, these boundaries are starting to blur.

Batam 5Signs of village living still linger in this kampung,

Kampung Tua Batu Besar 1As well as a quiet beach.

Kampung Tua Batu Besar Batam 2Located next to the beach, occupying what used to be the jetty is Rezeki.

Rezeki Seafood Batam 1You know your seafood is fresh when you see it swimming just a…

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