Trosa, Sweden – Wealthy Stockholmers’ Summer Retreat, an Introduction

Work was getting to me and I needed to find a way to get out of Stockholm to destress and breathe in some fresh air but I had only Saturday to do that. Where to go that wouldn’t burn the bank and without travelling too long by public transport? Stockholm is surrounded by so many cities, it sounded like a really easy task, but it wasn’t.

Uppsala was the clear option, but I had travelled up there before in better times, there must be somewhere else.

I checked the railway (SJ, MTR express) websites, ticket prices for trains to Malmo and Gothenburg were a little too pricey for me liking. I was out of ideas, so I decided to take a walk into the Stockholm Tourist Information Centre at Sergels Torg.

The tourist information centre was adorned with pictures and brochures. There were as many brochures as there were people in Stockholm (I exaggerate) for various places and experiences in Stockholm and Uppsala. Yea this isn’t helping, I thought to myself. Then from the corner of my eye, I peeked at a brochure with the place Trosa on it.

A city outside of even Stockholm County, located south of Sweden but only a hour away by bus from Stockholm. A return bus ticket costing even less than a return train trip to Uppsala  – that was it!

Evidently, if the place was going to be on a brochure at the Tourist centre, then Trosa is hardly unexplored virgin land. I was obviously late to the party, Stockholmers had been going down to Trosa for centuries, but better late than never.

Trosa is today the main summer retreat home for wealthy Stockholmers. How wealthy? some of the more prominent summer time inhabitants include celebrity chef Per Morberg, entertainer Tommy Korberg, the Royal family, and ABBA members Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. In fact more than 32% of the people in Trosa earn more than 1.5 million Swedish kroner a year.

Many of the inhabitants of Trosa have their own yachts which they harbour at and take out during good weather.

Founded in the 14th century as a merchant town, Trosa grew rapidly and became a full-fledged city in the middle of the 15th century. The city centre was originally located further in land (where it was then the harbour) but had to be moved even further south due to a geological occurrence called post-glacial rebound. It’s good fortune lasted for a few centuries, when the Northern War between the Swedish Empire and the Russian Tsardom broke out.

After some 20 years of fights,  Peter I of Russia wanted an end to the war and so sent an imperial fleet to the Swedish archipelago to raid and sack whole towns. Trosa was attacked multiple times but and eventually sacked on the last attempt. Two strctures were left standing throughout these fateful years and still stand today. The city eventually rebuilt itself as a fishing town centred on the fishery industry and later rebuilt itself to focus on tourism when the fishing industry faded in the 1870s.

The beautiful city centre and town makes for an idyllic weekend.

It is also a gateway to the unspoilt part of the Swedish archipelago and forests around it.

I needed the relaxing break, and if Trosa is good enough for the haves in Stockholm, it’s certainly good enough for me for a day. So come along for the ride as I explore this beautiful little town and the stories behind it!

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