Bintan, Indonesia – Once Pirate Island, now Fun Island, An Introduction

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Originally posted: 20 August 2014
Original content on this blog returns: 9 August 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

The Riau Islands Province is one of the newest provinces in Indonesia. It seperated from the Riau Province in 2004.

While today better known as a resort town and getaway from the city folk from Singapore, the Riau Islands were originally an important political, economic and industrial entity. It is today one of the fastest growing regions in Indonesia and one wonders if it will recapture its former glory.

Bintan 1At the heart of the province are two islands, Bintan and Batam. This post will focus on Bintan, the larger of the two and the capital of the province.

Bintan came to prominence in the 16th century after the fall of the Malacca Sultanate. In 1511, the Malacca Sultanate fell to the Portugese in what would be over 400 years of European colonialisation.  The Sultan Mahmud Shah retreated to Johor and established the Johor Sultanate. His capital was…

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