Living off the land, Bintan style

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Originally posted: 26 August 2014
Original content on this blog returns: 9 August 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

We’ve seen the resorts and we’ve seen the town. Bintan presents at least one more face to the world (there’s probably more that I don’t know), that is the village.

Along the one hour journey from the resorts in Telok Sebong and the town in Tanjong Pinang you will see the other face of Bintan. As mentioned in the post on Tanjong Pinang, the ethnic Chinese mostly settled in urbans conurbations, while the indigenous peoples can be found both in the cities and the villages.

Bintan RoadsThe one thing about travelling in a place like Bintan, which little built up regions unlike Singapore is the greenery and nature.

Singapore, Bintan, BatamCompare the relative greenery between Singapore (top left) and Bintan (bottom right), Google Earth

Nature shows herself as the powerful force she is. She has never been under our control, we have always had to live according to her whims. Instead of…

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