Vaxholm Towm, of Arts Galleries, Chocolates and Trinkets

The construction of the fortress at Vaxholm let its name to the fishing village adjacent. King Gustav Vasa bought some farm land to establish a small town to support the fortress and the small town has remained this small till this day. Vaxholm went through a number of iterations, as a naval supplies base followed by a summer retreat and then later a summer retreat.

Its role hasn’t changed much since. It’s a retreat for Stockholmers from the city.

Now, its all about art galleries,

chocolate stores,

trinket shops,

and cafes to shoot the breeze with.

It’s a beautiful little town without loud music but with gentle waves that makes for an idyllic weekend. The quiet scene is dotted with the occasional pastel-painted wooden houses that gives the whole town a fairy-tale feel.

Sight-seeing is free, the only thing that truly costs money is your time (and maybe a cup of coffee if you so desire). Its a low-cost way to recharge.

Absolutely charming.



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