Gems at the Sunday Antique Market in Hötorget

While usually a fruit and vegetable market on the weekdays, the market square in the Hötorget district transforms transforms into a flea market on Sunday. Wha

Beautiful buildings surround the square including the Stockholm Concert Hall, the site of the annual Nobel Prize presentations.

The annual prize presentation takes place here, on the 10th of December annually,

followed by a dinner at the Stockholm City Hall.

Adjacent to the Concert Hall is a modern theatre for a different medium of entertainment – movies.

Opposite the Concert Hall is a stately 4 star hotel called the Haymarket.

The hotel is named Haymarket after the name of the square, because that was what this square used to be for. It was a place where hay was sold for owners of horses. Step there and imagine the square once filled with the pungent odour of manure lying around now gentrified and glorified as a radiant market square. Flea markets can be found in a number of places in Stockholm, but I don’t think I’ve seen one with gems such as here (well, gems by my standard anyway) – hence this post.

It wasn’t the jars and pots, at least I don’t know enough about these to determine how much more precious these items are compared to those peddled at other flea markets. It was the books.

The sky had just cleared and I was on my way to get some groceries when I walked past the flea market at Hötorget. I could spend a couple of minutes I thought. So off I went walking around the flea market. There wasn’t much by way of enticement (to me) and I was about to get back to grocery shopping when I spotted a store open reopen their pile of books for sale.

Bookworm that I was I decided to check it out, despite knowing full well that understanding Swedish was an almost requirement to read anything. But a books a book so what the heck.

There were the usually hard and soft cover books, but what was this? Located randomly between these newer books were some that looked extremely old. How old? A book by Gerard de Geer was written in 1946 studying the natural history of Sweden. Another two texts on the history of Gustav Vasa and a book on Las Vegas were published in the 1920s.

And there were many many more such books hiding all around. If these old books are not gems, I don’t know what are.



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