Kota Tua Jakarta and Dutch Colonialisation

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Originally posted: 5 June 2015
Original content on this blog returns: 1 November 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

The era of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia began in 1603 with the Dutch East India Company arriving in the Indonesian Archipelago. The reasons for the arrival of the sea-faring Dutch was trade and money. The spices that were available in the Indonesian Archipelago were high in demand.

Now the Dutch East India Company, the VOC, was a trading company. It has been commonly considered the first multinational corporation. Here’s a crash course in history that better explains how the dutch arrived in Indonesia.

Upon setting up base in Java, the Dutch established a de-facto capital in Jakata (then called Batavia).

Here is a map of the City of Batavia in 1627.

Batavia 1627Source

After a period of growth and decline the company was eventually dissolved and in its place was a ‘nationalised’ colony.

The picture above refers to what is today called Kota Tua, or Old Batavia.

Located in the…

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