The Monument, the Mosque and the Cathedral

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Originally posted: 7 June 2015
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The Heartlander Tourist

At the end of World War Two, a war of Independence broke out in Indonesia between nationalist and the Dutch. While the Indonesian National Revolution, ended in a military loss for the revolutionaries, it resulted in a political victory for them.

Among the Indonesian leaders of the revolution are household names and national heroes of Indonesia today, including Sutomo, Suharto, Mohammad Hatta, Sudirman, Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX etc.

SukarnoHattaSutomoHamengkubuwono IXSudirman(From Top): Sukarno, First President of Indonesia; Mohammad Hatta, First Vice President of Indonesia; Sutomo, Hamengkubuwono IX and Sudirman

World opinion soon turned against the Dutch for trying to reimpose their authority against the will of the people and a United States-led pushed the Dutch government to grant the Indonesian state independence. An event watched nervously (no doubt) by the various colonial masters. The United States had granted Philippines her Independence in 1946.

Talks were held an a United…

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