Jalan-Jalan in Jakarta, Streets to visit

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Originally posted: 9 June 2015
Original content on this blog returns: 1 November 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

It is commonly said that you cannot walk on the streets in Jakarta because the roads are not pedestrian friendly. Apart from Kota Tua Jakarta, there are places that you can walk. Here are three of them.

Jalan Surabaya – Antiques

Located within the upper middle class Menteng-Cikini district, Jalan Surabaya is a street comprising of many individual stores selling all sorts of antiques.

Jalan Surabaya 1These stores face a row of upper middle class bungalows. This was the district that Barack Obama spent his time in while growing up in Indonesia. It is an open air market, with little shelter and is teeming with antiques of Dutch, Javanese, Sumatran, Chinese and other cultures.

Jalan Surabaya 2Jalan Surabaya 3Jalan Surabaya 4Jalan Surabaya 5Jalan Surabaya 6Jalan Surabaya 7Jalan Surabaya 8Jalan Surabaya 9Jalan Surabaya 10You can make an order and if you do not live in Indonesia, can arrange for the item to be shipped to wherever you want it shipped. Particularly if its a big item.

Be sure to bargin and…

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