The past, present and future of Jakarta, seen through its malls

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Originally posted: 13 June 2015
Original content on this blog returns: 1 November 2017

The Heartlander Tourist

All places have a variety of shopping establishments. You can tell a lot about a place simply by walking through the variety of shopping establishments, Jakarta is no exception.

The typical Jakarta shopping spot for the average person is the pasar (market in Bahasa Indonesia). Like most markets, you can get a variety of things here. Business in the pasar thrives on interpersonal relationships and small quantities. The owners are usually individuals or families.

These are street markets.

Pasar CikiniPasar Cikini in the Cikini-Menteng Region

Right from the colonial period, there was already a division of the pasars the open ones like above were not as important as the larger ones such as the Pasar Baru (New Market), which when it was founded in 1820 was a new market place.

Pasar Baru 1Pasar Baru 2Today, the New Market is a reminder of the old days before the advent of the modern shopping malls. Some of…

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