Gothenburg’s Magasinsgatan, where warehouses can be hip

Middle class districts can be turned hip, working class estates can be made hip, even former warehouses can be hip.

Magasin means warehouse in Swedish, an obvious name for a street after a huge warehouse was built in the area. Unlike Avenyn and Haga, which were located outside the old city walls, Magasinsgatan is located inside the old city proper.

Billed as a “trendy inner city neighbourhood“, this area is all about local brands. Not in this area will the major international brands find a home, it is the niche local brands that set up shop. It’s not so much a commercial destination, or even a shopping destination, as much as it is a lifestyle destination. The lifestyle that you buy in a place like this is individuality, expression and uniqueness. The items here are not mass market items, they are local, different, expressive and one-of-a-kind.

Practically all the services and products here are local, from cafes,

to food trucks (including some of the most popular food trucks in Gothenburg).

From modern design outlets to retro fashion stores.

Now obviously,that coolness is not so much seen outside the streets as inside the shops.

The success of this street is not just the lifestyle but also the draw of good wallet-friendly food prices (by Gothenburg standards anyway).uch of the success of the recently hot district can be attributed to the open square with some of the best food trucks in Gothenburg – Jinx, Korv United and Strommingluckan.

Their concentration in the same area and good price means that locals and tourist alike can find value for money food deals in the square. You know a place is not a tourist trap (yet) when there are a lot of locals there, and when I was at Magasinsgatan the food trucks and cafes were packed with locals buying street grub and having a fun over fika.

Slightly more expensive restaurants also exist down the line such as the deliciously vulgar Mexican joint – Puta Madre 😉 Although you can see the difference in customer numbers (these restaurants probably fill up a bit more in the evenings, although I wouldn’t bet on that).

Magasinsgatan is not lined with stunning buildings, wide boulevards or quaint cobble stones. It’s as nice as a former warehouse district can look, and that’s being generous. Based purely at the design of the area, Magasinsgatan doesn’t have the charm of Avenyn or Haga, but what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in character. The stores and the vibe in this once industrial town anthropromorphise the very essence of Scandicool.

Cool enough for former warehouses to be woke.



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