Måltid i Stockholm – La Neta

I first heard about La Neta from a Colombian friend, “mira mira this is really good for Mexican food, as good as tacos you can get in Mexico, you must try it one day.” I made a mental note. That was a year ago.

The first time I tried La Neta was almost a year ago, and it was worth it. I was at fika with a new acquaintance and it was a non-stressful way to get to know each other. It wasn’t and isn’t a place to sit for long, but it was casual enough to get a filling mood before ending it with coffee someplace else.

It was a long time since that I went back, not because it wasn’t good, only because I have a rule to try and uncover food that I have never tried before (as much as possible).  The first time I visited La Neta, I tried quesadillas, and those were great. Quesadillas are tortillas (in this place corn tortilla) loaded with a savouring filling and cooked on a griddle, on reflection not too dissimilar from the Georgian Kachapuri grilled dish.

This time I went back again to La Neta recently because I was really craving tacos and it’d been a while since I last had tacos.

Tacos are a traditional Mexican dish with corn or wheat tortillas folded around a filling. It should be eaten by hand without any additional cutlery and is laden with salsa, chili, guacamole and other kinds of garnishes. La Neta does the best tacos in Stockholm, good enough to survive in Mexico City, thats what people from South America say, also it comes at a great price – with a small taco plate costing under 6 Euros and up (this is Northern Europe and this is actually a very good price). So obviously its packed with customers most times of the day.

Like Falafelbaren you seating is not the most comfortable in this place, and that’s precisely because you aren’t expected to stay after your meal in this place – there’s too many other people waiting for a seat for that to even be reasonable. Food is also prepared very quickly here, you don’t have to wait too long for your food.

I ordered tacos, 5 mini tacos served with a small corn tortilla and a mixture of meats – beef, mutton, pork etc. but I got too excited and my picture was fuzzy. The tacos came on their own and I added my own onions, cilantro and other sauces. There were also lime wedges that could be dripped on the tacos to give each heavy dish a tangy taste and lighten the weight of the dish.

Sour food is vital to cuisine from tropical environments – think Thailand, Vietnam and the Mediterranean. Mexico is broadly speaking from that similar geographical area. These sour flavours have come to represent the dish. Here’s a clearer picture of the dish from another blog.

The tacos were good, I’m not an expert on tacos but they tasted as good as the ones I had in San Diego. And those in San Diego were considered among the best. My tummy was full, and my wallet wasn’t too empty either 😉



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