Måltid i Stockholm – Vigårda

I’ll raise my hand and say that I completely misjudged this place. It looked too nice and too fancy to be affordable for a cheap meal and yet its prices were (by Stockholm standards) bargain basement prices. This was Vigårda, a fast food restaurant that serves fresh, high quality, societal conscious food options (i.e. vegan and gluten free options).

But the price menu did not lie and I took a double take when I saw the price menu – the price for a burger meal was cheaper than at MacDonalds and in cases Max and 1 to 2 Euros more than street street food. This was something I could try.

So I did.

And boy was I not disappointed. The first thing that blew my mind about Vigårda was how hip its design was. This was a restaurant that did not feel like MacDonalds, KFC, Burger King or even Max. It was hipper and more welcoming that the cookie cutter fast food restaurant style.

And there were many customers who must have agreed, it was actually hard to find sitting. And why not, I mean I’m still gushing at how a fast food place looks like a restaurant.

There is a difference though, fastfood here takes a little longer to be prepared – it fast but not instant. I ordered the Original burger, and stood around waiting about 10 minutes for my meal. But it looked good when I collected it. The burger was not overly large, the beef patty was freshly prepared with a side of salad (not fatty coleslaw but proper salad) as well as pomme frittes (fries). They also sold drinks – beer, wine the like. This is something you don’t get at most fast food restaurants (except the Macdonalds in Spain I suppose).

And it tasted pretty good. The patty was cooked fresh and about medium rare with a layer of grilled cheddar on top. But it wasn’t just beef, there was also an additional layer of pulled pork between the patty and the bun. There was the sweetness of the beef, the mild spice of pickled onion, savouriness of pulled pork, fragrance of the grilled cheese, mild acidity of the tomato and crunchy texture of the lettuce.

For the ambience, quality and the overall experience, the price of SEK 88 is actually a very good one. This was good fast food. It was very competitively price compared to Max and MacDonalds.

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that local Swedish fast food is actually very high quality. Both Max and Vigårda serve some really high quality, fresh burgers at similar prices. It’s fast, reliable and consistent.

Really worth trying it out.



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