Lok-lok, an uniquely Malaysian dining experience

Food trucks, meat on a stick, cheap prices, amazing food… whats there not to like?

Now in southeast asia, meat on a stick is usually barbecued and called satay. Malaysia, however, has its own unique addition to this repetoire and has turned it into a meal. This dining option is also skewered and on top of meats there are seafood and vegetables options, but instead o barbecue you can boil or deep fry these skewers. The price of the skewer is usually colour coded and various according to the price of the raw ingredient.

After preparation the skewers are then served to you and you can add some sauces to them (the choice of sauce depends on what you fancy).

The food is keep cool by being placed next to bags of ice. Lok Lok vans are usually found near nightlife areas, for some reason it has become hangover/drunk food for people after a night of partying and these vans are blast music just like the clubs do. These food van style has been around for about 2 decades, so in culinary terms its relatively new.

May favourite lok lok dishes are deep fried quails eggs and small intestines. Deep fried quails eggs are small balls of goodness, with three different textures on them, the outer most layer is crispy, and golden, the middle layer with the while is soft and the yolk has a hard butter consistency. Deep friend small intestines also have this wonderful play on flavour with an think crispy outer layer, a chwey intestine and melt in your mouth fat, the innards also have a slightly stronger flavour

Now while the skewers are usually served out of a van (tough luck for those squeamish about cleanliness) beginning in the evenings, there are cleaner options. These are usually fixed stores with fridges to store the cold meats. These lok lok stores will obvious be slightly more expensive, that’s the price from a little bit more cleanliness, but the food standards is usually the same to me at least.

I mean, I don’t get how to tell a good lok lok from a bad lok lok, it’s skewers in water or oil what gives seriously?

But I’m being a pedant. It’s definitely worth a try when you come to Malaysia, Lok-lok is a uniquely Malaysian product. 🙂



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