Malacca, Malaysia -The heart of Modern Malaysia, an Introduction

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Originally posted: 1 July 2014
Original content on this blog returns: 1 March 2018

The Heartlander Tourist

Malacca, the most historical state in Malaysia. It is the spiritual home of the Federation of Malaysia that has risen today, the source from which the northern nation, and its present ethnic diversity takes its roots.

Malacca’s history begins in present day Singapore, with the last sultan of Singapura (there was a Kingdom of Singapura that lasted for 100 years (from 1299 – 1398), until it was conquered by an army of 200,000 from the Majapahit Empire), Parameswara also known as Iskandar Shah. The name change represents a change in religion from Hindu to Islam (ancient South East Asia was first Buddhist, then Hindu and only later became Muslim).

You can still see a pictorial repesentation, and a keramat of Sultan Iskandar Shah at Fort Canning in Singapore.

After the fall of Singapore, Iskandar Shah took a group of loyal followers and fled then Singapore via a dirt path…

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