The Malacca Sultanate and its heros

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Originally posted: 3 July 2014
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The Heartlander Tourist

The establishment of the Malacca Sultanate by Iskandar Shah would prove to be alot more successful than his reign over Singapura.

The location of Malacca with its deep harbour enabled, Iskandar Shah to set up a trading port. Piracy was an issue so local Orang Laut were tasked with anti-piracy efforts. Within a few years (in 1405), a Chinese envoy from the Ming Court of Yongle Emperor arrived to set up diplomatic and trading relations between the two kingdoms. He was followed by the arrival of the great admiral Zheng He (or Cheng Ho).

There were 8 sultans of Malacca, a list importalised in this statue, in the Malacca Sultanate Museum.

Melaka Sultanate Museum 1

Trade with Ming China was important for Malacca and she soon became a vassal of the Ming Court to court the latters protection from the larger and more immediate, Majapahit and Ayyuthaya threats.

More on the arrival by Cheng…

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