Melaka’s 400 years of colonial history

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Originally posted: 5 July 2014
Original content on this blog returns: 1 March 2018

The Heartlander Tourist

In 1509, Diogo Lopes de Sqeuqira was sent to by the Portugese Crown to analyse the trading potential of Malacca and Madagascar. When de Sequeira arrived in Melaka he discovered a plot by the sultan Mahmud Shah to have him assasinated. He fleed Malacca and returned to Goa in India, some of his men were incarcerated. Two years later a military fleet by Afonso de Albuquerque arrived in Malacca and battled with the Melakans, successfully conquering the city in 1513. The sultan (who handed over to his son and then later stabbed his son) retreated to Johor to try and plan a new attack.

Upon conquering the city, the Portugese set about building a fort around the town, called the A Famosa.

A FamosaSource

All that stands today is the Porta de Santiago, the fort was destroyed by the British, after they took over from the Dutch (who in turn conquered…

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